Custom Application & Website Solutions

The comprehensive solutions offered by Entrasoft integrate and deliver the right balance of practical functionality, usability and technological innovation. In particular, they provide the following features and capabilities:

  • Interactive application solution: integrating all business systems into an easily manageable user interface.
  • Flexible integration business framework: We deliver solutions in application areas enabling easy integration of content and services from back-end or legacy applications of all technologies.
  • Interoperability: achieving interoperability with any application or communication with other technology-independent platforms and sites
  • Ability to enable tools and technology applications: easily manageable so that the user can activate and adapt it to the operating environment they want. The
    integrated technology applications, related to the improvement and development of activities and functions, content management, collaborations, e-commerce and social networking
  • Support for advanced security mechanisms: The solutions provided ideally customize mechanisms to implement security requirements (eg confidentiality of storage and communication mechanisms, message and content integrity, authorization, etc.)
  • Role-based content distribution: the solutions offered allow multiple types of users access to a single web address, as well as access to a single page depending on the users’ role, group, organization or personal preferences.
  • Communities & Organizations Support: Users can be grouped into a hierarchy of “organizations” or inter-organizational “communities”, providing flexibility and ease of management
  • Multilingual support: the solutions provided have the ability to support 30+ languages
  • Performance Monitoring and Monitoring: the solutions offered are accessible through performance and usage statistics for all applications and websites.
  • Compatibility: Website pages appear uniformly across all modern browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, etc.).
  • Support for accessibility standards: full support of the WCAG accessibility standard and the levels of compliance with the terms and conditions of Greek Legislation.
  • Transfer for your entire data range from the previous system (if required).